Episode 007: Dr. Amanda Barrientez – Maximizing Your Potential And Mastering Your Mindset

Episode 007: Dr. Amanda Barrientez - Maximizing Your Potential And Mastering Your Mindset


Chiropractic Broomfield CO Podcast Guest Amanda BarrientezDr. Amanda Barrientez, founder of NFA - No F*ing Around - coaching. She helps entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. It’s no f*ing around when it comes to your growth, self-care, personal development, and you living an inspired life. What makes Amanda unique is how she coaches from coupling her social sciences training with her real-life experiences of overcoming big challenges. After an affair, getting divorced, then having her next relationship fall apart, Amanda was living in survival mode, on food stamps, trying to work her way through grad school as a single mama. In a breakdown moment, she knew she had to change! After accessing free knowledge on podcasts and Youtube and then doing whatever it took to pay for high-level coaching, Amanda implemented what she was learning to transform her self-doubt, relationship struggles, and financial reality.

Today, she has a growing $6-figure coaching business that helps entrepreneurs master their mindset, optimize their
habits, and manifest their vision so they can build their business and their wealth doing what they love.

This episode does not disappoint. Amanda’s raw and truth-speaking approach is upfront, but she makes up for it in her smile, competence, and fun presence! She was a lot of fun to talk to and had great answers, here are the highlights.


  • [2:30] Podcasts are free learning. This is what Dr. Amanda learned.
  • [4:21] NFA coaching, what’s that?
  • [4:49] Actionable Step: Set resolutions anytime, but here’s how! Be. Do. Have.
  • [7:50] Dr. Amanda start’s her story and takes a vow...Listen Up!
  • [9:45] Pivotal moments create multiple opportunities. Amanda turns to an unlikely resource to build her business and repair her life.
  • [12:51] “Knowledge followed by action is power.” People start to ask Amanda what she’s doing, they are noticing changes in her, her actions and her results.
  • [14:15] Actionable Step: Dr. Amanda shares how you start to be free and step into your personal power.
  • [14:46] “My definition of confidence is to know, love, and trust yourself.”
  • [18:41] and the definition of success is…
  • [22:00] How important high-quality relationships are.
  • [27:37] “If you don’t like what you’re seeing on the outside, look within.”
  • [28:55] Actionable Step: Keystone Habit #1
  • [33:07] Hey Entrepreneurs, this segment is for you! She works with a lot of entrepreneurial couples.
  • [34:38] Actionable Step: Dr. Amanda takes us dropping defenses in all our relationships. We all have a part.
  • [43:45] I only work with people who are ready…
  • [45:00] Money mastery and raising your deserve level.
  • [54:16] Here are indicators on how you know you are ready for Dr. Amanda’s help.
  • [56:25] Actionable step: STEM process for values
  • [58:39] The importance of mindset, habits, and vision.

Resources I mentioned:

If you are down and out, crying on the floor: Try these books

“The creation of NFA Coaching was inspired by my own personal, relationship, money and professional growth and development journey and the recognition that we do not receive any formal education on how to thrive in our daily lives. There are no required self-empowerment, relationship, entrepreneurship, leadership, business, or money skills courses offered in the traditional school setting, so we hobble along in the dark learning the best we can from those around us. Many people feel dissatisfied and are longing for greater fulfillment, ease, and joy. NFA Coaching is designed to meet these needs.” Dr. Amanda Barrientez Founder of NFA Coaching



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