Episode 006: Tommy Skul – You Are Not Alone

Episode 006: Tommy Skul - You Are Not Alone

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Podcast Interview With Tommy Skul

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker

About Tommy is a dedicated, passionate, focused team player and has a reputation as a hands-on team leader dedicated to motivating and developing team members. He has proven ability to achieving performance goals. He is energetic, organized, and industrious in accomplishing heavy workloads under the pressure of deadlines. He is very process-oriented, resourceful, and a tenacious problem-solver. “Life belongs to the energetic”


His story: Right from the get-go, Tommy is upfront, honest, and right to the point about what he was going through as a young boy. Although his physical appearance and body was healthy, his mental defenses, well-being, and emotions had been scattered from abuse. This episode not only breaks the stereotype that women are the only ones sexually abused, but Tommy also shares his feelings, his struggles through self-medicating, and the healing work he started to do to confront and heal his past. This one has a few twists, so listen in carefully.

  • [4:59] Tommy tells us about regressing into his 13-year-old body after being in a fight.
  • [7:09] Tommy starts to tell us about how he became a seeker to heal in 1991. He felt like he had shut himself down, but he was aware of it, and he starts to tell us what he did.
  • [10:35] Listen to this, you don’t things from the outside to heal what is going on inside. Tommy’s aha is a gut feeling...have you ever had a gut feeling like this?
  • [12:30] Tommy discusses the importance of relationships in his life.
  • [14:00] The 4 best questions that need a YES
  • [17:00] Tommy discuses know, like, trust process.
  • [18:48] Tommy discusses his step into business and eventually entrepreneurship
  • [26:00] Why people stay silent about their trauma.
  • [31:00] Tommy goes into the Life Alive time machine
  • [33:01] How important forgiveness is in the healing process from trauma. Forgiveness takes vulnerability.


After sitting with Tommy, I reflected on what I heard, I wondered how many people have been abused and are silent about sexual abuse. I reflected on the fact that good people do bad things because they are acting out in some way. Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and loved. We express love sideways if we don’t have a model or never learned how. I am so grateful Tommy chose to live how Tommy because he is spreading this vital message of “you are not alone.” He was a joy to be around and my prayer is that this interview gave those hope out there that need to shine the light on a situation such as his. Tommy takes sexual abuse and puts it into the light, where it is seen, dealt with, and stopped so other generations of people need not suffer.

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