Episode 003: Dr. James “Jim” Deegan – The Heart of Healing

Episode 003 : Dr. James “Jim” Deegan - The Heart of Healing

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Dr. James Podcast

James “Jim” Deegan has grown up more than half of his Life learning directly from his mentor, Dr. Arno Burnier since 1995. He has been staff at Burnier’s seminars for 20+ years on this “Path of Mastery.” He practices in Smyrna, GA, which is close to Life University where he loves mentoring chiropractic students, other chiropractors, and adjusting and caring for his clients, which Jim refers to as “precious peeps” (people) in the Atlanta area. His heart of service comes out of a “near-death experience and a quantum leap through this Life-changing experience in 1994." This led him to “The Path of Mastery” from a potential medical Heart transplant list to a Chiropractic experience of self-discovery. Other teachers and mentors emerged such as Reggie Gold, Joesph Strauss, Pasquale, Paul Bragg, and many other direct and indirect vitalistic visionaries.

Jim desires to continually serve to elevate The Chiropractic profession and the World by Leading others to discover their inborn gifts. No one can facilitate healing Alone - he subscribes to this motto, “better together” when it comes to healing.

Jim’s courageous way of navigating through his crisis and the healing journey that parallelled it is a must-listen. He drops wisdom to parents, to people in crisis, to people who are in a toxic relationship and hurting, and he especially speaks in a life-giving way that will want you to hear more and more. He is an example warrior of everyone who wants to find more peace, ease, and ALIVE-ness in their life. Dr. Jim has been a chiropractor for over 22 years, he teaches professional chiropractic adjusting seminars and is a rockstar husband and dad of 3 children.

The essence of love, gratitude, and service-centered heart that Jim brings to this interview is indescribable. Here are the highlights of Dr. Jim Deegan’s healing story. A heart healed, but more importantly, Jim shares it as a gift moving forward in life. Check out this podcast from a Broomfield chiropractor!

Chiropractic Podcast Highlights in Broomfield

  • [4:42] This is time to turn around and inward. Jim gives us a vivid image of what that looks like.[5:24] Now is a perfect time to circle up with our young ones. Peer into their hearts by getting 1-2-1.
  • [8:34] Jim goes into where his healing journey began.
  • [11:04] Teaser “It’s amazing how things are said at the moment that you need to hear.” Jim Deegan
  • [11:58] The virus starts to overwhelm Jim’s immune system
  • [12:29] The doctors had doubts while Jim remained in the quite of the ICU at peace.
  • [13:02] One week goes by and Jim continues to listen to his spirit despite the labels and diagnosis.
  • [14:41] Jim starts to speak his truth, his calling and his heart start to respond as he spoke with the nurse.
  • [18:40] Teaser “If your body is healing for you, maybe we can be for it.”
  • [21:43] Learn a powerful shift in how to speak and use your language differently here. The -ing process.
  • [22:38] So you are saying I have a chance! This is good for a laugh!
  • [31:58] Teaser “What I know about the Divine is that He’ll meet you wherever you’re at”
  • [32:22] Jim teaches 6 ways your heart can be cracked wide open.
  • [34:10] Jim talks about imagination’s role in healing.
  • [44:06] Jim speaks to this time right now to just pause and take a moment to be alive!

Summary and Life Alive Lesson

Life, it’s a get to, and no one is more qualified than someone who has been to the edge of Life and back. After moving away from everything he knew, Dr. Jim Deegan found himself in the heat of a toxic relationship, Atlanta, and an emergency crisis with a virus that brought him to the edge.

This edge brought him to acceptance and peace about his situation; however, he fought for the 1% chance he was told he had to survive, and he did. Jim serves out of this abundance and gratitude for life, not just his clients, but every single person he meets. The bottom line is, Spirit will come alongside you in your greatest need. No matter if you live or die, if there is a spark of life within you, focus on living. And if you live, live Life Alive.



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