Episode 002: Alex Bernat – The Harp Whisperer

Episode 002: Alex Bernat - The Harp Whisperer

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Alex Bernat

Meet Alex, aside from his beautiful and serene harp playing, Alex is clear on his purpose for living and a poet in how he lays down his thoughts, ideas, and experiences of his healing experience. Listen in closely as his trauma becomes a gift, literally a life-saving gift to another human being. He works in mental health as a therapeutic harp player. Check out this podcast from a Broomfield chiropractor!

Chiropractic Podcast Highlights in Broomfield

  • [1:13] Alex sets the intention. Give someone a story of possibility.
  • [2:39] Alex shares his background and his family has a mission statement. So cool!
  • [5:04] Alex shares a touching story about his godmother that impacted him as a young person.
  • [6:25] Teaser - where those formative experiences sort of built the blueprint of I’m completely accepted right now, I’m completely safe right now, and I’m very very very very loved.
  • [7:12] Alex discusses consistent themes during his life, can you identify?
  • [9:50] The human capability and drive to liberate themselves from lies told by others is discussed.
  • [11:38] Alex’s trauma started with a hit on the head. It affects his ability to write, read, and do school. In his own words, he was neurodiverse.
  • [14:08] His mother suffers a stroke, his dad goes into depression, his supports systems get rocked.
  • [22:17] Alex discusses the loss of friendship when he was a young boy, and also becoming the product of the loved that saved him. Teaser “but I lost one of the most central friendships of my life at that time, and I grieved that intensely.”
  • [25:01] Possible Teaser: “When the foundations started to shake, my survival mechanism was to control.”
  • [27:25] A turning point in the form of a therapist.
  • [35:51] We get into the emerging of Alex’s healing story bottom, and the birth of his gift of harp therapy.
  • [36:25] How to lead and teach. Teach others how to pour out their own cup.
  • [39:12] The story of a little boy on death’s door and Alex decides to live.
  • [45:46] Alex tells us about the harp and the benefits he receives from playing it and stays honest.

“Make listening into an art form. Give someone a story of possibility.”

- Alex Bernat

Summary and Life Alive Lesson

Alex took us on a journey of his childhood, a head injury, unforeseen family events, and finally his journey in overcoming an eating disorder that almost claimed his life. This is not only a story of overcoming, but Alex also shows us how to lay down a blueprint of service to others, leading by example, and using our gifts to fight for our lives and save others!

This episode left me in awe of people who have seen over the edge of life and came back, ready, and willing to live fully alive! Alex’s heart can be felt through his harp playing, and I encourage you to connect with online or over email.

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