Episode 004: Madison Hart – Running 100 Miles With A Young Hart

Episode 004: Madison Hart - Running 100 Miles With A Young Hart

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Madison Hart Podcast

Maddie is the youngest person to win the Tahoe Rim 100 Trail Trace.

A note from Maddie: I am a young up-and-coming ultra-runner. I love exploring the world around me on my own two feet, as well as all the people I meet along the way. I was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado but have lived for the past few years in Gunnison, Colorado while I was a student at Western Colorado University to study Environmental Sustainability. I found running during my first year of college and have been running ever since. I love ultra-running because not only is it physically difficult, but it also a game of mental toughness.

Ultra running is about pushing your mind and body further. These lessons can be applied to life because most of us live long lives, it is the ultimate endurance event we will ever do. Here are the highlights from my conversation with Maddie Hart, young rising ultra runner. Check out this podcast from a Broomfield chiropractor!


  • [12:00] Maddie describes some of her childhood activities that taught her how to tune in.
  • [14:00] Maddie starts tell us about her running career paralleling with horseback riding and life lessons.
  • [17:00] Maddie discusses her goals and talks about reassessing after an injury.
  • [18:00] Maddie discusses goal-setting.
  • [22:00] Maddie discusses her intent and training going into the Tahoe 100 Pacific Rim Trail Endurance
  • [24:50] Maddie discusses her transition from running with the guys to the lead.
  • [30:36] Just over mile 70, Maddie digs in as the sun goes down. Something shifts.
  • [36:45] Maddie discusses flow and emotions during her long race.
  • [43:16] Discussing the memory of Maddie’s first 100 mile win. She tells us the first question the announcer asks her.
  • [46:50] At the end of the day, it’s just running.
  • [47:55] Maddie discusses why she starting running, to process.
  • [54:31] What is a 21 year old doing running 100 miles?
  • [57:37] What Maddie is up during times of injury, adaptation and shifting.
  • [1:01:28] Maddie talks to herself in the ultrarunner time capsule.
  • [1:03:20] Teaser “Set big goals...big scary goals are the only way to potentially reach them.”


In Maddie’s words, “I have a lot to learn about ultrarunning, but from what I have accomplished already, I have learned some valuable lessons about myself and the world we live in.” In summary, whether you are a runner or not, Maddie leaves us with these two key pieces of advice. 1) trust your training and 2) make sure you pay attention to fueling. What is something you can train for, a goal for work, or an actual physical goal to run, go further, or get stronger? Maddie found running in the midst of a transition in her life. We are all in transition at this time in history, so what is calling you to take action on? Maddie showed us how she went the distance with training, trust, and fueling. I challenge you to train, trust and fuel your way to the next level in your life.

Resources Mentioned:
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Contact Maddie: hart.madison97@gmail.com
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Maddie’s Nutritionist - Kylee Van Horn of FlyNutrition
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