Episode 012: Jim Chester, “Owning Your Face, Body And Mind”

Episode 012: Jim Chester, "Owning
Your Face, Body And Mind"

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Jim ChesterJim Chester is a world-renowned Chiropractic advocate and Chiropractic documentary film director who has made two feature films on the profession, and have shown them across the world in France, Spain, Mexico, England, and Wales. There's not a day you can check your Facebook without seeing him pop up in your news feed. He now runs the world's number 1 podcast in Chiropractic, Chiro Hustle and now he's launching his latest digital product which teaches Chiropractors to 10x the amount of patients they schedule in with his sales strategies. but at the end of the day, he's just a kid from Iowa who loves his mom.

Jim talks of his background in seeking truth in journalism, which sparked his love for documentary producing. He also shares his healing story that almost drove him to give up this year, and his stance on owning your face, your body, and your mind, which he calls the last frontier...

Resources I Mentioned:

Jim's Website: www.chirohustle.com
YouTube: Chiro Hustle
Twitter: @ChiroTheDOC
Pinterest: Chiro Hustle

Life Alive Lesson

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Jim Chester ChiroHustleIn Jim’s words, I just recovered from an injury I’ve been dealing with since Christmas and I think I can talk to people about how I took the medical approach seeing an MD how I took the holistic approach seeing a chiropractor and how I think that worked for me and in the end it was a combination of all of these and microcurrent therapy. In my words, Jim’s tenacity to make it through this is a powerful message for all of us, never give up, keep looking, keep seeking, and know that you will have a way to share with and help others after you get through any challenges you go through.



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