Episode 009: Dr. Michael Longyear – Never Accept Your New Normal

Episode 009: Dr. Michael Longyear - Never Accept Your New Normal

“I have gone through my own healing journey and draw from the experience daily with my patients”

- Dr. Mike

Chiropractor Broomfield CO Michael Longyear Podcast

Dr. Michael Longyear is the director of Chiropractic Neurology at the NeuroLIFE Institute with Life University as well as the Brain Optimization in Jacksonville Florida. He graduated Valedictorian of his class at Parker University in Dallas, Texas and has since dedicated his professional life to researching and learning all he can about the brain and nervous system and to develop non-invasive ways to treat conditions associated with it.

His passion lies in treating neurodevelopmental disorders as well as neuropsychological and sport related injuries. In their spare time, he and his wife, Meaghan, donate their time and efforts with multiple pet organizations as well seniors and homeless shelters. Having fought back from a month of paralysis and being told he would never walk again, Dr. Longyear never accepted his new normal of being confined to a wheelchair and doesn’t believe that other patients should ever accept their new normal either. There is always improvement that can be made if you put in the work.


Dr. Mike brings truth through his own experience with injury, and his years of experience treating the toughest neurological cases that no one else could figure out.

  •  [1:18] What does Dr. Mike mean by new normal and
    why it became his mantra
  • [4:56] Dr. Mike shares his healing story
  • [8:56] Mike’s moment of diagnosis and the crushing
    news of his “new normal.”
  • [12:06] Dr. Mike discusses his clinical training, then
    continues on with his healing story.
  • [33:51] Neuroplasticity defined and discussed
  • [40:15] Dr. Mike talks about stepping back onto the
    football field
  • [43:18] Getting adjusted by a chiropractor and the
    neurological benefits
  • [47:40] Dr. Mike’s shares his why in fighting to recover
    and walk again.
  • [53:50] Dr. Mike tells us about movement parameters
    and their link to brain health.

A testimonial about Dr. Mike and Dr. Meg, his wife

Dr. Mike and Dr. Meg are really special people. They never give up. Their collective wisdom and deep toolbox of knowledge and skill make them quite unique. They address so many issues that other doctors have no way to approach. We, as humans, are complex, energetic life forms. Nothing
happens in a vacuum. Trauma or injury affect us on so many levels. I have been "peeling the onion" of my symptoms for my entire adult life. And my journey is not yet complete. Working with the Longyears, I am a person - not a set of symptoms. I don't fit within any standard of care. They treat me with compassion and continue to move us along this path to finding resolution for my pain, inflammation and structural issues.

— Leslie G



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