Episode 010: “How to Ban Glyphosate With Dr. Zach Bush and Panel”

Episode 010: “How to Ban Glyphosate With Dr. Zach Bush and Panel”


Podcast at Life Alive Chiropractic

The narrative is told by facts weaved into a story. This podcast will grab ahold of many hearts in many neighborhoods to act in the name of health freedom and liberty to pursue a good life. Glyphosate-based herbicides and pesticides are more than “tools,” which they are often termed by the chemical agriculture industry. There are toxic chemicals that are sprayed at a rate of over 300 million pounds per year here in the U.S. alone. They are being sprayed on our food plants that interrupt vital cycles in the plant that rob our food of nutrients. They are sprayed on and around golf courses, playgrounds where our kids play, and often in yards by well-meaning neighbors that do not know the carcinogenic and bioaccumulative toxic effects of glyphosate within the human body. Dr. Zach Bush teaches us that our multi-decade insult of glyphosate in our food and water systems has impacted human health and the planet in many ways: starting
with alarming endocrine cancer rates, an increase of 50% in chronic health conditions in children, and a grim look at a study that shows that the worst of glyphosate genetic damages reaches 3 generations deep into the future. This podcast is a look at the facts about glyphosate and the story that led me (Doc Schrock) and my wife, Dr. Andrea Schrock to working with the mayor of Broomfield, CO, Ashley Stolzman to ban the use of glyphosate and 2,4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid from our public spaces, decreasing the probability our community will be harmed. We all
could not be a part of this without Kim Konte, founder of a wonderful organization called Non-Toxic neighborhoods, our leader in resource and direction to lead our city officials and staff to adopt sustainable and organic/regenerative land management policies.


  • [0:00-1:54] Welcome to why we are here today to learn how to ban harmful chemicals/herbicides from our public lands.
  • [1:54] Bios of Panelists by Doc Schrock
  • [6:36] Dr. Zach Bush gives a summary of the state of our health and how we came to be here today
  • [14:41] Kim Konte of Non-Toxic Neighborhoods (NTN) discusses what her organization does
  • [16:16] The Drs. Schrock share their story on how they came to work with the mayor of Broomfield, CO to ban harmful pesticides on public recreation, playgrounds, and open spaces.
  • [24:07] Mayor of Broomfield, CO, Ashley Stolzman shares her perspective on adopting an organic/regenerative land management policy.
  • [28:42] Kim discusses strategies to decrease herbicides on land private land.
  • [34:28] Dr. Zach is asked if this is sustainable and can we as humans and mother earth heal from these chemical assaults on the environment and the human microbiome.
  • [41:01] Kim from NTN discusses challenges and the first steps to banning glyphosate in your community.
  • [47:48] Kim shares resources NTN has for people to take action.
  • [49:19] Mayor Stolzman explains how it’s been to instill organic/regenerative policy and work with NTN
  • [51:53] Kim discusses who to contact in your city first!
  • [53:49] Dr. Zach answers the question about the scope of literature pointing to the harmfulness of glyphosate-based products for a listener.
  • [58:39] Dr. Zach tells us the bottom line about glyphosate’s harm to children. It can be found in our blood.
  • [1:00:57] The take-home is “to take action” and closing comments from our panelists.


Zach Bush MD

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Kim Konte, Founder of Non-Toxic Neighborhoods (NTN)

Kim Konte is the co-founder of Non - Toxic Neighborhoods(NTN). Since 2015 Kim and her team have assisted over 100 cities, counties, and school districts to ban glyphosate from California to Australia. NTN's focus is to end the use of all synthetic pesticides and switch to proven and organic and regenerative land management. NTN has proven that you can have beautiful parks, athletic fields, and open space without the use of harmful and synthetic pesticides and inputs.

Donation link: https://give.cornerstone.cc/nontoxicneighborhoods

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Ashley Stolzman, Mayor of Broomfield, CO
City of Broomfield, CO Website

Podcast at Life Alive Chiropractic

Life Alive Lesson

It was an honor to have the panelists on the show. I want to thank Dr. Zach Bush, Kim Konte, Dr. Andrea Schrock and Mayor Ashley Stolzman. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at a crossroads of our civilization, and there are root cause reasons why humanity is sicker than ever. There are no bigger systems than our food and water systems that mother Earth produces freely. We humans, generally under the guise of massive corporations have polluted and created a level of toxicity on Earth heading towards extinction levels. It is up to the concerned citizens, mothers and neighbors to step up and take every action step they can to help give our earth the time and the resources to regenerate. The weeds are never the problem, it is an effect of the destruction of biology on earth from chemicals and toxins that get deep into our soil. This translates into self-destruction of human health as seen by the explosion of chronic disease the last three decades. It’s time to follow-through my fellow humans, it’s time to step up and mark your location as a Non-Toxic Neighborhood.



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