Episode 001: Dr. Andrea Schrock – A Gut and Life Transformed through Chiropractic

Episode 001: Dr. Andrea Schrock - A Gut and Life Transformed through Chiropractic

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Due to her health transformation through chiropractic care in Broomfield, Dr. Andrea could not be more passionate about this healing profession and sharing this truth with everyone she can reach. Before attending chiropractic school, Dr. Andrea worked in corporate America for eight years. Although she is not into “big food” anymore, she learned life-long lessons from being in corporate life and overcoming the stressors that went with it.

Chiropractic Podcast Highlights in Broomfield

In this episode, Dr. Andrea kicks off Life Alive podcast with a gripping story about a path that many of us would not even think to take and indeed, one that Andrea could or would not have planned. Today, she is living proof that we have the choice and ability to heal and grow by giving the body a chance. Dr. Andrea tells us how we can heal, grow, and flow into a more meaningful life, here are the highlights…

  • Have questions about your health, but not been given any answers? [0:37]
  • Divine organization in each story [0:45]
  • Have you ever been put in a situation that made you anxious, you felt like you were under the gun, and would never catch up? Find out what happens in your body [1:50]
  • Constant uprooting her life, lonely without a support system, and was lonely. Dr. Andrea's digestive tract started to dysfunction [2:06]
  • Failure and pressure can corner you, see what happens to Dr. Andrea [4:08]
  • The stresses of corporate life, often people can identify with the deadlines, being “on the hook” for other’s failures, and being new in a role, the fear of feeling stupid.[4:30]
  • Ended up resorting to medication, only to find the short-term benefits were outweighed by a bigger problem? [6:30]
  • Andrea discovers chiropractic, she finds hope..."From the moment I walked into her office, it was just this feeling like Wow!" [12:06]
  • Holly, her chiropractor explained how healing happens, and that health comes from the brain-down, inside-out.[12:10]
  • What happens when the body regains function and takes the time to heal [16:57]
  • What’s one more move? Dr. Andrea makes a big shift [16:57]

Our Mission

Dr. Andrea Schrock is on a mission to help people live a life fully alive. As co-owner of Life Alive Chiropractic, along with many other entrepreneurial endeavors, she is elevating human consciousness by sharing her healing story with audiences everywhere she goes.

She not only delivers the care that saved her life, but you will hear her about her purpose and passion for truth and transparency. She practices in Broomfield, CO, and is part of a small niche of global practitioners that addresses original causes that impede healing.

These techniques are called bio-geometric integration (BGI) and neuro-emotional technique, (NET). You will hear her story from being corporate to becoming sick, to healing and becoming a chiropractor. This one will hit you in the gut!


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Resources and People Andrea Mentioned:
Drs. Holly and Kyle Loveless: https://queencityhealthcenter.com
Ted Shaffer, Licensed Acupuncturist, Miami Beach, FL:
Phone: (305) 944-1290
Email: tedshaffer@bellsouth.net
The China Study - Wikipedia
The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition
Dr. Andrea Schrock

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