Episode 011: EDX Health and Fitness, “Changing The Personal Training Space, Physically and Mentally”

Episode 011: EDX Health and Fitness, "Changing The Personal Training Space, Physically and Mentally"

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Team at EDX Health and FitnessAngelo started EDX Fitness with his wife, Liliana, after working in fitness for 15 years as a personal trainer. Liliana is a pain management specialist, healing acute & chronic pain.

Our Online Personal Training works. We’ve created a system that will help you get in the best shape of your life. You can workout whenever, wherever you go. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.

Angelo and Liliana tell us how we can heal, grow and flow into a more fit life with meaning, physically and mentally, here are the highlights…


  • [1:20] The rules of fitness
  • [3:30] Angelo discusses accountability
  • [10:05] Lilian discusses her background as an bodyworker and addressing the whole person to see them through pain to performance.
  • [14:39] Liliana shares her story, struggles with weight and her journey to personal fitness, physical and mental.
  • [18:20] Angleo’s discusses what set the stage for his journey into his personal and professional accomplishments
  • [20:50] Angelo learns from a lot of morning afters!
  • [22:00] Ask why after you fail. What my nutrition and training like leading up to the race, performance, and outcome.
  • [26:00] A love story “She set it up...and...
  • [28:30] Moving on despite COVID situation...their vision of fitness for the future
  • [33:30] Doc Schrock discusses what to do in a healthcare crisis
  • [35:02] What’s community have to do with fitness?
  • [40:57] The fitness pyramid - EVERYONE MUST KNOW THIS...mobility, stability, strength, skill...mobility first!
  • [46:10] Let’s tal about the brain ya’ll!
  • [54:12] Angelo and Liliana discuss silver linings! Must listen!
  • [57:55] Last words, Angleo comes out of the gate with Hope…”give yourself a chance.”

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Chiropractic Broomfield CO Team at EDX Health and FitnessWhat an honor to sit down with a husband-wife team, Angelo and Liliana, who are transforming the personal training space into something practical and powerful for people. I have experienced it first hand, and if you have not trained with a personal trainer before, I have to echo Angelo, “give yourself a chance.” Give yourself the permission to gain mobility strength and fitness on a level you have never experienced. These two know exactly what they are doing, I have experience myself, and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to take their personal fitness, physical and mental, to the next level. They work with everyone from beginner trying to shed a few pounds, to elite athletes running 50 and 100+ mile races. They have different skills in bodywork, Russian kettlebells, yoga, crossfit and endurance sports. They are really fun to be around and truly push you to your limit to be a better you!



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