Episode 005: Priya Laasch – A Life’s Calling: How To Become, Do And Be More

Episode 005: Priya Laasch - A Life’s Calling: How To Become, Do And Be More

Chiropractic Broomfield CO Podcast Interview With Priya Laasch

Priya Laasch, in her own words, is more than a Life coach...she takes individuals, businesses and corporations through a radical transformation. Her business is called Illuminaissance which entails a very structured 24-week process that aims to the permanently shift mindset. This particular program is called “Thinking into Results” and these methods have been working for people for 150 years. This all started with a rich man and a poor man coming together for a meeting. The poor man learned this: “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought. When one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance. Fears are nothing more than a state of mind. Man, alone, has the power to transform his thoughts into physical reality; man, alone, can dream and make his dreams come true.”

- Napoleon Hill


In this story, we see Priya’s find her flow in life through and with healing and changing herself first. Here are the highlights, but you will have to listen to go to the deep stuff:

  •  [6:34] Priya talks about her program and how it is different than just being a life coach. “It’s work that goes really deep” Priya
  • [7:32] A summary of the history of where her work comes from, all starting with two men name Andrew Carnegie and Napoleon Hill.
  • [12:14] Priya starts to tell us about her nature as a seeker. She struggled with integrating all she was learning.
  • [13:00] Priya has an amazing vision
  • [17:02] All good stories have a how it was, so we reach back to understand Priya’s intense younger years growing up in Germany. She discusses lack, victimhood, and unworthiness.
  • [19:08] Spiritual Awakening through loss
  • [22:11] Surrendering it all and receiving a reason to get out of bed.
  • [23:52] “When you are ready, the teacher will appear. Priya
  • [25:20] Teaser - “It’s really like a higher purpose, a complete transformation of my whole being to serve and to always become greater.”
  • [27:00] Priya discusses her work with the mind and practical ways that help us live better on a daily basis. “The transformation is really to think and see the truth. The truth is in everyone and everything.”Priya
  • [31:26] “Awakening is catching yourself faster. See it, feel it, and move on. Everyone has an integrated navigator, an authentic true self.” Priya
  • [35:06] “Everything can change in a moment. We have the inherent capacity as human beings to choose every moment of our life.” Priya
  • [40:43] Defining freedom and what conscious human evolution is for a human being. “Everybody becomes free of something they don’t want to be anymore and become the greatness and the person they choose to be.”
  • [44:15] Are you grieving? Listen deeply in this segment.
  • [48:05] The law behind the interplay thoughts, feelings, and
  • [52:49] The other side of scary and fear.


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By listening to this interview, you have increased your awareness, worked on your life by really listening, and you are going back into the world a more conscious and clear-thinking person. You deserve it, but you cannot give something you don’t have. I learned that we can be free, but it takes a shift in perspective in thinking. This is not hard work, but this work is fulfilling. It’s simple, not easy. The requirement is to bring your listening skills with openness so you can learn life from the perspective of a mind coach and expert. No door is shut in your life unless you convince yourself it is so. There are listeners out there that don’t know why they are stuck. Have you been programmed in your mind and life and not even know it? Priya gives us a key to unlock the door to our freedom all of our life. This story pulls us forward and down a hole into loss and grief, only to transport us into awakening and Priya’s surrender to think, feel and act her way into co-creating a fulfilling life with everything she needs and wants. Priya left us with “if I can do it, you can do it, it’s available to everyone.”

- Priya

Resources Mentioned:
The 13 laws of success
Think and Grow Rich by Naploeon Hill

Other people mentioned:
Abraham Hicks
Earl Nightingale
Bob Proctor



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